Quartermaster Hosts Sustainability Event

Alexander Dembitzer
2 min readMay 22, 2023

The Philadelphia Smart & Sustainable Mobility Showcase took place at The Quartermaster Science +Technology Park on May 9, giving local Philadelphians the opportunity to build important relationships with cutting-edge technology leaders.

The outdoor showcase of sustainability mobility solutions was co-hosted by the Quebec government, the City of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA). The event allowed visitors to network, with the aim of spurring investment and promoting job creation in the area, while learning more about how to improve transportation services while reducing carbon footprint and meeting the region’s climate objectives.

Alex Dembitzer — Smart City Sustainable Mobility Reception

Trailblazing Companies on Display

The Smart & Sustainable Mobility showcase featured more than 20 trailblazing companies showcasing cutting-edge transportation and equipment innovations, providing a singular platform for professionals, government officials, and industry moguls to converge, mingle and forge important business networks.

Included was an array of vehicles and equipment, from battery electric transit buses, electric school buses, electric street sweepers and many more groundbreaking solutions. Moreover, the event moved beyond conventional equipment displays by integrating tech giants proficient in AI, transit authority data management, fleet management, and safety in its extensive exhibition repertoire.

On a Vibrant Campus

The Quartermaster Science + Technology Park is a modern and vibrant campus situated on 24 acres of land in south Philadelphia, offering a spacious and green environment for businesses. Additionally, in line with our commitment to sustainability, the site is installing a system of rooftop solar panels, ensuring the park’s electricity is generated from renewable sources.

The site enjoys a strategic location, accessible to a diverse and talented workforce both locally and from out-of-state. Situated just off I-76 with convenient access to I-95, the campus also benefits from immediate connectivity to public transportation through SEPTA bus routes.

Alex Dembitzer — Smart & Sustainable Mobility demo day in Philadelphia May 9th



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